AG-EntryThis morning I made it over to Lambertville, NJ to hang five framed pieces at the Artist’s Gallery. This location is a new home for my work and will hold a variety of pieces all year. The gallery is a pleasant environment with good lighting and ample wall space. Works by the various artist members are rotated within the gallery space on a monthly basis. All the gallery rooms are attractive and allow comfortable viewing. The five pieces I am currently offering there are Back Road, Flight Unfurled, Vermont Dream, Nature’s Best, and Downward Facing Dog.

As I become more familiar with the space, I think I will hang work differently. But for now, I am very pleased to be in such a fine space and with a great group of artists. Two of our member artists will have an opening tomorrow evening and I am looking forward to attending.

AG 080809



8 thoughts on “Frames Hung

    1. I appreciate that Roberta, and I’m excited to be in a new venue with a very different process than shows. The gallery I hope, will give me more freedom to try different things.

  1. Looks great, Paul! I live about an hour away, so I need to come down & visit it once again.

    I miss the co-op environment. I was in a great co-op gallery when I lived back in California, and it really was a wonderful experience. Both being able to show my work so freely, and the camaraderie of an excellent group of talented artists. I need to do this again.

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