I was tired this morning going into day 7 at the festival. Todays crowd was big, as big as I can remember in 4 years. A couple came over who told me they buy each other birthday gifts at the show each year. They select someones work they both like and pick out something for the other to buy as their gift. This year it was me they selected, which was very nice.

The first print purchased today was over a new image that I titled Three’s Company. It is an image I made this past winter during a fairly heavy, wet snow in Bucks County, PA. It has been a well received piece and is one I am offereing in two sizes: 9.75 x 14 matted to 16 x 20, and 14 x 20 matted to 22×28. I used a Canon EOS 1D Mark III and a Canon EF 500mm f4 L IS lens with a Canon 1.4x teleconver.




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