These are the two primary elements of displaying work at art and fine craft shows – the canopy and the walls. For outdoor shows I set up a water-proof Canopycanopy made by Craft Hut (no longer in business). This canopy has a strong frame, sides and roof . The roof has a translucent section down the middle to allow more light in (a must have). It takes me about a half hour to totally put it up if I work fast. I’ve gotten good at it. I weight the four legs with 40 lb sand bags (still not enough in some circumstances).

RB-Kutztown-Display-2008The display walls are made by ProPanels and are a medium gray tone. They are light weight and come in two pieces (top and bottom). Easily configurable, I can set them up in my canopy or at an in-door show in just about any shape space I’m given. They store in my show trailer easily and are somewhat weather resistant. Like with the canopy, you get what you pay for.

My studio space is a converted dining room which was rarely used anyway.Paul-Studio-4 We put French doors in the entry archway and furnished it as I needed to do matting and framing. I would love something bigger (twice the size would be a good start), but I make do. I have also taken over a bedroom for additional office space, printing and storage. Yikes!



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