As I’m mounting and matting prints, I get a chance to really look at the image as well. It gives me a chance to see them repeatedly and up-close without distraction. Sometimes I realize that a certain image excites me more than it had previously. Today, while preparing for an upcoming event, I realized that I really enjoy texture. Actually, what I realized is that what I like about some of my work is that it has interesting texture.

I’m not sure that I appreciated how drawn to texture I am because I like clean, texture-less backgrounds as well. This past winter gave me an opportunity to work with texture in the form of snow and ice. Whether it was an ice encrusted tree or a frozen pond, the fine or coarse texture filled my images. My experience has been that once I become aware of a sub-conscious attraction, I become more atuned to it when in the field.



6 thoughts on “Texture

  1. Ice has always been one of my favorite subjects. I like this as well Paul. Looking for complimentary textures can be just as exciting as getting those perfect OOF backgrounds.

  2. I love the way you can see all of the grainy texture, but if you look at the very slight reflection of the berries against the ice, you can see the smoothness of it. Well done!

  3. “…once I become aware of a sub-conscious attraction, I become more atuned to it when in the field”, or as gracefully put by the Indigo Girls (on another subject, but still equally relevant), “The hardest to learn is the least complicated.”

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