What a great name for this little ground-cover wildflower! They are absolutely everywhere this year here in Bucks County, PA. I find them very attractive flowers but because they grow low to the ground, they are difficult to work with. Typically, when working with this plant I am laying down on my side trying to steady a handheld macro lens and focusing manually. The key is to work the flower against a somewhat colorful background to add some contrast for this mostly white subject.

I made this image this morning on another hot April day that felt like summer. There was a lot of leaf litter around and this one flower was popping out from a hole in a dried out maple leaf. I used a Canon EOS 40D with a Canon EF 100mm f2.8 macro lens wide open (ISO 400).




5 thoughts on “Spring Beauty

  1. To me, … there’s nothing like getting down and dirty to see the world below.
    Problem for me? Gettin back up! 🙂

    Not familiar with this particular flower, … but sure is a beauty!


  2. Hey Michael – macro photography does test one’s physical condition. Up for some yoga? I need lots of it.

    And thank you Roberta! I look for these flowers each spring, wasn’t hard this year.

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