Anyone who is self-employed knows how many things have to be attended to at one time. This time of year seems worse than most as I’m trying to get ready for a new show year, taking care of  producing prints and then matting, mounting and framing. But also, I need to deal with taxes, ordering supplies, entering competitions, editing imagery made last year, learning some new equipment (already needing firmware updates!), and working on a presentation on blogging (really). I’m under control, but barely.

Every once in a while I get to go out and create some new images too. The piece below is one I made here in Bucks County, PA on a lake mostly frozen and where Canada geese roost. I really wanted to play up the interesting geometry of where the frozen sections were coated with new snow. Much of the imagery I made that morning was without the geese, but the geese add both an animal element and a straight line element which contrast with the otherwise amorphous shapes.

It was cold and snowing lightly so I worked away from the wind. I worked with a Canon 28-300 L IS lens on a tripod to lock in the composition and dial in a small aperture for depth of field. The zoom lens allowed me to compose precisely right in the camera, which I prefer to do. Since the image consists of areas of both white and gray, I checked the histogram for my tonal range and bracketed exposures on both sides. It was made as a color image, but there is no real color in the scene.




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