This is that time of year that for many is an opportunity to work in a simplified, minimalist visual style. Leafless trees, grey skies, and blankets of snow all act to reduce a landscape to fundamental shapes and tones. It results in moody, quiet scenes that can feel intimidating, or lonely. I don’t fight that feeling, in fact I try to embrace it. It’s not an easy thing to do when at heart I am a spring type of person. Snow and ice motivate me to work in the field, more than does an uncovered landscape. So when the land and water is covered in white, I am easily moved to be outdoors.

During a recent snow, I approached a regular haunt with an open mind, but a feeling for what I wanted to create. The image below is of a lake shore, the lake totally covered in snow with remnants of grasses and a lone tree still providing some warmth (at least in tonality) to the landscape. I wanted to emphasize the starkness with an abundance of negative-space. But it’s not totally so, because at least mentally I fill in the white with the texture of snow I know is there.

The image was made with a Canon EOS 40D and a Canon 28-300mm L IS lens on a Bogen tripod. This is my most used lens for landscape work, especially when conditions don’t lend themselves to changing lenses.

Snow Covered Lake Shore
Snow Covered Lake Shore



2 thoughts on “Simplicity of Winter

  1. Winter brings a whole new aspect to photography. I’m like you–Winter & I aren’t exactly “friends”–but there’s so much beauty still to see. I always enjoyed the blue of shadows following the curvature of snow, the glisten of ice (particularly all around Niagara Falls,) the shimmer of a new snowfall.
    Fortunately I have all of those memories (& some pictures,) so I NEVER HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT AGAIN! *LOL*

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