I’m throwing this out to Mark Graf who writes about Picture Purgatory. The idea being that sometimes we negate images made long ago that deserve reconsideration. The image I’ve selected is one made on film with a previous Nikon system. I don’t recall what body I would have used (it may have been almost 10 years ago), but I remember that it was a Nikkor 400mm f3.5 with a TC 2x for a total of 800mm. This is a scene of a man with his dog (not a Great Blue Heron) at Lake Galena in Bucks County, PA. It is evening and I am isolating a silhouette against the reflections of sunset. This is one of my favorite techniques for simplifying an image and yet still have loads of color. I don’t typically work themes of people or their pets, but this was a situation where my visualization was too powerful to resist. I think I like this image more today than I did then. Thanks Mark for pushing me to explore the black box.




3 thoughts on “A Real Dog and a Stick

  1. Wow, I really got you to go back far! I can certainly see why you like this Paul – certainly appeals to me as a dog owner. Very symbolic of the moments you can have with them. I hope you are not expecting me to now dig into my slide cabinet, fire up my PC (since my scanner doesn’t work on my Mac), and actually post a *FILM* image. 🙂

  2. Hey Mark – no pressure man! But you did get me looking a some film again. I’m not a dog owner so your opinion means a lot.

    Lana – I find myself drawn to silhouettes often to simplify visually.

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