I’ve started doing yoga again. This time I’m going to stick with it! Yoga is a good match with lite weight training to keep me in some form of conditioning. Yoga especially will help prevent pulling muscles when lifting boxes full of frames or matted pieces. It will also help me when in the field I find myself needing to be in some contorted position for a period of time. Even with a tripod mounted camera and lens, I have found myself in uncomfortable positions causing muscle shake and therefore camera shake. So I’m feeling the benefits already and suspect that I will be standing a bit taller at shows just because my posture will be much better.

Downward Facing Dog - (c) Paul GrecianApparently, this Great-blue Heron enjoys yoga as well. This particular morning the heron was going through it’s stretch routine including downward facing dog (which is what I titled the print). For those who come to shows and ask “what kind of dog is that?” It is a position ….. oh look it up!

As requested – larger version of this wonderful Great Blue Heron. The image was made in Bucks County, PA. I’m using a Canon EOS 1D Mark II with a Canon 500mm f4.0 L IS and TC 1.4x.

Downward Facing Dog - (c) Paul Grecian



9 thoughts on “Downward Facing Dog

  1. It is kind of funny that you wrote this. I have a draft post for my blog that I haven’t published called “I’ve taken a picture and can’t get up…” Having a martial arts background from long ago, I wish I maintained some of that flexibility today for situations you describe.

  2. Maybe I should try some yoga Paul, … coupled with some Tequila and muscle relaxers or something for these ungodly knees of mine!
    But I’m still in my twenties, … so what do I know!! 🙂

    Really would like to see this particular shot a bit larger.
    Do you have a link to a larger file somewhere online?


  3. Hey, I’m glad you guys like this image! It’s become a personal favorite of mine. I like working with GBH even though they are such frequent subjects. They are so animated.

    Mark – if you remember Dan Sroka did a shirt “Macro Photography Ain’t for Whiners” – that was partially motivated by a blog entry I made. It cannot be stressed enough that nature photography is physically demanding. Maybe you have another shirt idea there?

  4. That’s an absolutely stunning shot! Would you mind if I decide to do a painting of it someday? How much would you charge for that in an 8×10″? I just love it!
    (BTW, as requested, I put up a post about my painting process. 😉

  5. You know I adore this photo…..

    I too am trying hard to keep up a regular yoga routine…. at least once a day, preferably twice. It really helps my back (which I ruined training horses in a previous life, and gardening for other people)
    I do mostly just stretching in the AM to get me loosened up, and then a bit more of a workout later in the afternoon….. really helpful if I’ve been sitting at the loom for a few hours.
    I use DVD’s (easier than trying to find a class). At least twice a week I do a more strenuous workout that is much more fitness oriented.

    hope I can keep at it!

  6. Hi Bea! Thanks for the visit. I miss not doing shows with you for this very reason. I don’t get feedback from you as often as I would like (even with our semi-regular lunches). Your opinion has always been important to me.

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