I always enjoy and appreciate when someone who has purchased a print follows up with an email or letter. I have received several over the years, sometimes with a photo of how the work was hung. This holiday season, I received a number of orders from people looking for gifts, more than in previous years.

I received a very nice email today from one patron who called about an image seen at a show earlier this year:

You have made V’s Christmas very happy .  She loves the picture and you are very easy to work with. We got the picture in time and very easy.  Thanks very much I will  tell my friends about your web site  and hopefully will have  more people happy.
                        God Bless You.
Sometimes emails or letters like this one are the best motivators to continue to do what you’re doing and strive to create new work with feeling. The image selected this time was of two kit Red Fox made last year. I used a Canon EOS 20D with a Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS and a Canon TC1.4 II handheld. The action was quick and I never felt that I was holding the weight of the camera and lens stable, but IS (Image Stabilization) probably saved me. I was in an uncomfortable position on my knees most of the time. The interaction between the two kits was great and expressed a true sense of sibling attraction.

4 thoughts on “Appreciative emails

  1. Hi Paul,
    you are completely right – a letter such as that from a satisfied customer is great motivation. The only thing one should not forget though, is, that appreciation and motivation from all sides is valuable not only from those people who buy your work.
    I think this is something many bloggers (not you) forget from time to time, when they do not even care to answer or appreciate well meant comments on their websites…

    Btw – Happy New Year to you and your family – greetings, Petra

    PS – no wonder the customer was so happy – this is such a cute photo!!!

  2. I completely agree Paul. I wish everyone would write to let you know their satisfaction, but it just doesn’t always happen – making the ones that do more special.

    Happy New Year.

  3. Oh, I LOVE them! Such cuties!
    Pats on the back are always so nice to receive, wherever they come from.
    Sorry for my long, recent absence. Been busy with offline life. My best to you & yours for 2009!

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