Uncommonly cold for southeastern Pennsylvania, but it was beautiful to see the ice-covered trees. My first thought was that these were ideal conditions for landscape and macro work. But, I found myself in a blind observing birds instead. During these really cold weather periods, I find myself drawn to birds as a subject, especially when combined with snow or ice.

After a couple hours in the cold though the fingers begin to go numb and I have trouble working the camera and lens controls. My biggest problem was that I couldn’t feel whether I was really pressing the buttons I wanted to engage. This can be frustrating especially with the focus-stop buttons on my Canon EF 500mm f4.0 IS L lens. I’ll think that I’ve locked focus only to see it move when I recompose.

It was a good outing however.  I was able to work with a Cooper’s Hawk that made a great subject even if in the process, it scarred away almost ever other bird. This was a really handsome hawk and I gave it my full attention, at least until I ran out of memory cards. This is an image I made here in Bucks County, PA.

Trouble Maker



5 thoughts on “It’s Cold Outside

  1. Awesome. We have some hawks in our area, but by the time I see them the opportunity to photograph is typically gone. It’s been relatively “cold” here, too for a couple of days (40s-50s, which I don’t consider cold, but the local Southerners consider downright arctic!) Going back up into the high 70s starting tomorrow, though. 🙂

  2. Great shot you have here Paul, … and what a beautiful bird!

    And, … I like to wish you and your family the very best Christmas ever, and hope you all have a wonderful New Year!
    Stay warm, … and stay creative.


  3. Great shot Paul. I have a Cooper’s that visits my yard now and then, and yep, all the other birds scatter of course. I always thought their yellow feet and black talons looked pretty cool.

    Hope you have an enjoyable holiday and a great 2009.

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