Just returned from a long weekend up at the Delaware Water Gap and the Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC). I haven’t been to PEEC since college, so this was a trip I wanted to make. Me and a friend, Jim, spent two nights and two and a half days enjoying clear skies and outrageous color. Two 12 hr days of hiking and photographing were both invigorating and tiring. Jim and I worked a few ponds and lakes, a few trails and Childs Park (nice waterfalls). The colors reflected from fall trees in mirror-still waters were hot and spicy. I worked on creating images that were both representational and fully abstract. It was difficult at times to not think past where I was to where I wanted to be next. At points I had to push myself to just concentrate on the scene in front of me. This was the best fall color I have seen in years. Coming home this afternoon it was clear that the color did not reach down to the Quakertown area. But an hour north, it is wild!

I have a lot of editing and processing to do, but one of my favorite images is the last one I made Saturday evening. The sun was mostly gone, the moon was up and the colors were all reflecting in the lake water. A split-neutral density filter and a polarizer kept the light and color in line.

Moon and Lake Reflections - (c) Paul Grecian
Moon and Lake Reflections - (c) Paul Grecian



6 thoughts on “Peak at PEEC, Fall 2008

  1. I like this, nice to see a moon that is in scale and not a PS drop in. I am scratching my head on the bottom portion of the image. I might crop off the bottom potion, which I find a bit distracting. It was a great weekend and we finally nailed some gorgeous color.


  2. Great image, with a wonderful range of tones on the horizontal bands. And I’m with Jim that an in-scale moon just feels better to me; lends to the great sense of distance this picture has. Glad that you guys had a good time.

  3. Hi Jen – Color was great and the air was still, great setting for reflections. Thanks for dropping by.

    Jim and Marty – I think this piece is still a work in progress. I also think that if it makes it as a print, it will have to go large, maybe 12×18. Thanks for the comments.

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