This coming weekend I will be at Skippack Days in Skippack Village, Montgomery County, PA. This fun outdoor event offers a wide variety of craft, art, and merchandise. It’s in a quaint town and well attended. I will be set up on the grounds of Justin’s Carriage House.

I was pleased to meet some new patrons at the Sugarloaf show this past weekend at the Chase Center in Delaware. Such a nice venue for a show. I was able to follow the Phillies score on my phone every once in a while and hear the final plays on the way home in the car. Go Fighten’s! A couple of my neighbors at the show were Met’s fans. They didn’t like the news I gave them on Sunday during the show. One Met fan, Carlos, made reverse painted glass plates, trays, and bowls. Beautiful work. He took the news well. Good thing right? All that glass I mean.

I was able recently to spend a long morning at a favorite haunt here in Bucks County. There was a heavy fog over the waters of the lake where I stood on the shore. Out at some distance I noticed a couple deer entering the water, what looked like a doe and a yearling. Without hesitation they both swam to an island in the lake. A third deer came to the lake edge but was more hesitant. It went in, got some short distance and turned back. This occurred a few times before it just gave up. The image below shows this third deer testing the waters. I used a Canon EOS 1D Mark III with a Canon 500mm f4.0 L IS with Canon 1.4X Teleconverter.

Testing the Waters
Testing the Waters



3 thoughts on “Skippack Days – October 4-5

  1. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a deer enter the water. It was so amazing because I never really considered that they would be a water-loving (or at least water-interested) animal.

    Good luck with the Skippack Days – would love to stop by, since we’re only a few minutes away, but we’re heading up to the Poconos this weekend. Hope we’ll catch some good fall foliage up that way.

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