Come this Thursday, I will be setting up again at the Chase Center on the River Front in Wilmington, DE. This time, I’ll be with the Sugarloaf Show. This is a three day show, Friday through Sunday and should be well attended. I was previously at the Chase Center in July with the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

This will be my first show this fall, part of a pretty busy schedule. We’re also pretty busy trying to get a new kitten adjusted to living with us and our adult cat – Dot. We recently had to put our 16 year old longhair to sleep, that was hard. My daughter has wanted to get a kitten ever since. I was opposed to a new kitten, I just thought it was unnecessary and that our other cat Dot would be fine having us all to herself. Well, my neighbor came over last Friday holding a kitten that had been at it’s back door. My daughter held it and I think any argument I had left floated away.

I insisted that we not take the kitten in for one more night in case it’s mother was still around. We have a stray cat problem where I live and we actually were visited ourselves by a very cute gray kitten just days before. Next morning the kitten was back at our neighbors back door and our phone rang to let us know. That was it, we took it to the vet to get checked out and he did fine. So here he is. Stupid little cat is so damn cute and very much a snuggler, just what my daughter wanted.



6 thoughts on “Sugarloaf at Chase Center – Delaware

  1. Only very briefly have my wife & I been cat-less; it’s usually been multi-catted. & not a single one has been purchased or even adopted. As a generic species, apparently they have been bred to find their providers (note I didn’t say owners.) Resistance is futile.

  2. Lana and Marty – I hear ya. I figure I did something good for the environment too, right? Took a stray indoors so it can’t reproduce and make more bird-killing machines. It is a strange cat though, all it wants to do is sit on your shoulder and purrrrr. I’m totally attached to it now, damn it’s cuteness!!

  3. Awww, I’m a sucker for a kitty! We have three of our own, and one is also a shoulder-sitter. It was cute when he was a kitten, and just a little less cute now because he’s full grown and a bit heavier. You can actually bend over at the waist and he will crawl onto your back. If you’re really luck, he’ll lay down on your back – a sure sign that he doesn’t care to get down any time soon.

  4. What a beautiful kitty!!!
    I’m a sucker for kittens… that’s how I got two of mine (they were strays too).

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