My daughter Hannah started school this week. Her schedule determines my schedule. She’s up an hour earlier this year having just started middle school, so I’m up an hour earlier as well. At 5:00am I make coffee and read for a bit, get Hannah up at 6:00, make her breakfast and see her off. An early start means I get more done my noon than I used to and that’s fine with me.

This weekend (Sept. 6-7) is the Chadds Ford Days event in Chadds Ford, PA. Hurricane Hanna may determine my schedule this time. We’re watching it carefully and frankly won’t know for sure what’s going to happen with the show until late tomorrow (Friday).



One thought on “Hannah and Hanna – determining my schedule

  1. Forgot to mention in my last comment that I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the earth for a while, but Gustav knocked us off the grid (among other things.) If you have some time to kill, I’ve posted my video journal of the event on my blog.
    Unfortunately now I’m keeping a keen eye on Ike…

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