I’m back on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This is where I come to do seascapes and work with plant and animal life that lives in the dunes, marshes and other maritime environments here. I arrived on Sunday, got situated and based on weather reports, began to plan outings to areas I want to work. First stop was Jockey’s Ridge which is the tallest dune on the east coast. A popular spot for hang-gliding and kite flying, this place is also interesting visually, and fun to explore. It was very hot and I did something I don’t often do, worked the location during mid-afternoon with the sun high in the sky and very harsh.

I have begun collecting artifacts of the beach that I find in some of the shops here and plan on doing some images of these subjects. I also checked out a couple of the local galleries to see what is being sold and the quality of the photography here. The photography offered is mostly by local artists. I always find it interesting how locals see things differently than visitors. The truth is though that there is not a lot of photography offered here and much of what is offered is by the same few artists.

I haven’t processed any images from this current trip, here though is one from last year using an 8mm circular fisheye lens.



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