I spent about 6 hours at my favorite spot in Bucks County, PA yesterday, photographing from around 6:00am til noon. It was a great morning, and definitely something I needed to do. Toward the end of the morning, I overheard a woman telling her husband that the turtle she was watching in the lake  was pestering another turtle. I couldn’t understand what this could mean so I went over to see. Surely enough, there was this little turtle seemingly pestering this larger turtle as if it was begging for food or something.

Both turtles appear to be Painted Turtles, which are pretty common around here. The smaller turtle would swim around so that it was face-to-face with the bigger turtle and then it would wave its hands quickly. The larger turtle only seemed to want to get away from the smaller one, sometimes pushing the smaller one away. Turned out, this was a fun sequence of images.

The scary part for me was holding $5500. worth of camera gear 10 ft over deep lake waters. But this behavior was so engaging, I just held on and made images. The water was drab, but being that these are Painted Turtles, there is still nice color in the image. It was also just overcast enough to not have bright reflections in the water.



One thought on “Turtle Play

  1. Love the photo. 🙂 You know, the smaller turtle’s behavior reminds me of young birds’ behavior when they want to be fed. They’ll pester their parents, chasing them everywhere, then they’ll flutter their wings really fast. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some kind of connection there…Interesting.

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