We’ve been getting some great rain storms here in SE Pennsylvania lately. The last two have resulted in perfect rainbow conditions – well almost. The other night we had a beautiful double rainbow right behind our house. Not the best place for it to be. When I finally realized where I should be, it was too late. But the sky was still interesting and I stayed till it got darker.

This area used to be much more rural than it is now. I have had some success in past years working a rainbow into a scene with a great red barn. In fact that image hangs in our township building and was used for a coffee-table book on Bucks County, PA. With development as strong as it is around here, that red barn image wouldn’t be possible today. However, there is a field behind a church where the view is still mostly what it was when I moved here 13 years ago.

Since I missed the rainbow, I was still able to make a few images that have a stormy feeling about them. Lots of atmosphere if you will. The perspective here is fairly wide, about 28mm, which dwarfs the homes reflecting last light of the day.



5 thoughts on “Chasing Rainbows – and missing

  1. Thank you Lana and Stacey. I appreciate the support.

    It’s interesting how making an image unexpectedly opens your mind to new possibilities in the future. The feeling in this image is one I want to try to achieve again.

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