For the second year, this fine show will be held at the Chase Center on the riverfront in Wilmington Delaware. I set up this Thursday for the show that begins on Friday and runs through Sunday. The Chase Center is an attractive location and the riverfront a relaxed environment to come and do some shopping for fine art and other fine handmade craft.

Having just returned from the Audubon Art and Craft Festival in Hawley this weekend, I don’t have much time to catch up. My wife, daughter and I had a fine time in Hawley. It was great seeing some artist friends at the show and over dinner.  I appreciate greatly the support of patrons who came back to see me and select new pieces for their homes.

I really am anxious though to have some time to get into the field again.



2 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Guild Fine Craft Fair – July 25-27

  1. I can sympathize with the need to get in the field again. I’ve been working a lot on the “business” side of my art career lately & really need to get back to actual painting again! Glad y’all had a good time in Hawley. Do you tend to stick to the NE festivals, or do you ever get down Louisiana way? Let me know if you ever do. I’d love to buy you a margarita. 🙂

  2. Lana – It’s funny you mention a margarita because it’s part of the reason my daughter likes this trip – she can get a kid’s margarita at the restaurant we eat at. My shows are all in PA, NJ, and DE. Thanks for the drink offer.

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