Day 9 was this past Sunday and was the last day of the show. Whew! Overall, it was a very good show. The weather was not as great as last year and the crowds didn’t seem as big, but I’m not complaining. I did see quite a number of previous patrons who came to add another piece or pieces for their homes or offices. I also met many new people and had purchases made by several who live near me. Having people close to home buy my work is fun because my work generally is done close to home. This means we both have an intimate knowledge of the subjects.

My first sale on day 9 was of The Gathering. With all the colors in this piece, frame choices are endless. The image itself is one I made on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with a Canon camera and Fujichrome film. I used a 100mm macro lens designed specifically for this kind of close-up work. A tripod allowed me to lock the composition in place and use a small enough aperture to gain sharpness and depth.

I have two weeks to prepare for my next show in Hawley, PA and to begin working on  several orders taken at the show. It was nice though to wake up yesterday and not have to hit the road. I took my daughter to breakfast and actually was able to sit down while drinking my coffee. That said, I’ll be looking forward to the Kutztown Festival next year. My application payment has already been made.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show!



3 thoughts on “Kutztown Festival 2008 – Day 9 (a bit late)

  1. After 9 days, “a bit late” on the last entry is right on time. Stamina is one thing, but taking a deep breath to decompress is more important.

  2. Wow…Your summers are just packed, aren’t they? I tend to “shut down” this time of year, as I just can’t take the 120F days w/98% humidity. At some level I think I’ll always be like a penguin at the equator here…
    Love the photo! Such diversity at the beach, from shells to glass to rocks & feathers. I need to go spend some time at a beach again!

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