As I was quoted saying in an article that appeared in yesterday’s Morning Call (link), Mayfair (Allentown, PA) had very good attendance and clear weather. I met many great people and was pleased by the response to my work. Five days makes for a long show and the hours ran well into the night. It was cool to have my canopy lit after dark, this is not something I’ve done before.

A trend that I’m experiencing at shows, including Mayfair this past long weekend, is parents purchasing work for their accompanying child or children. Sometimes it’s the kids themselves that have the money and want a piece of art for themselves or as a gift for someone else. Either way, I am making more sales for or to young kids. This past weekend I made three such sales. One father who purchased an 11×14 print and an 8×10 print for his kids said it was time for them to begin to appreciate art work. How great it that?

Mayfair - My canopy at night



One thought on “A Nice Trend

  1. I totally hear you, as 2 of 3 of my sales at a recent art market were also to children. Awesome! Nice to see parents encouraging their kids this way, too. There’s already too much Hel*Mart mass-produced Disneycrap out there. Let’s hear it for kids with TASTE! 🙂

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