Curious Grasshopper - (c) Paul GrecianThere are some images that I find great joy in selling. When someone goes away with a purchase of one of these fun images, I feel good in a different way than I do about a bigger purchase. One such image is titled Curious Grasshopper. Here is an image of an insect that just has a lot of character. Some people just respond well to this piece, others do not. But then this is what makes selling artwork of any kind a bit of an adventure.

The grasshopper in this image is looking right at the viewer and hangs between two blades of a cattails plant. It is an image that I made at Hawk Mountain during a summer morning visit. I noticed this grasshopper within a group of cattails and began to compose. My initial compositions were not exciting me and as the grasshopper was moving, I began to try to anticipate a composition based on where it was heading. I composed an image ahead of the grasshopper’s route. Then I waited. I figured grasshoppers where quick movers and that he would be within my frame in no time. I discovered that this grasshopper moved one leg at a time, and very slowly. Ultimately, my subject worked his way into my composition and held steady thank you. I struggled to focus on the grasshopper’s eyes and gain enough depth to keep its nose in focus. My lens choice was a Nikkor 75-300mm zoom set up on a tripod.



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