The Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission presents its annual juried fine arts and crafts show this coming weekend May 10-11 (Art Show Link). This will be my second year participating in this outdoor exhibition and sale and my first outdoor show of the year. Last year I had an unexpected visitor, Henry Winkler! He dropped into my booth early in the morning and spent some time with a friend looking at my work. I didn’t recognize him until he spoke, but the voice was still that of the Fonz. He was doing a book signing at the Moravian Book Store just down from where I was set up. Rain or shine, I will be at the show and in the same space as last year, across from the wonderful Bethlehem Hotel.

The fox den I was working is no longer productive. Mom fox had the good sense to move her young away from the road, but I miss seeing them. Maybe next year. I spent yesterday morning hiking some and exploring new paths. Later in the day I went bike riding with my daughter. Today , I am feeling the bike seat still and the legs could use a rest. I busted my frame point gun so I may just have to take it easy tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Downtown Bethlehem Fine Art Show – May 10-11

  1. That was my first experience with a fox den and I feel very fortunate for getting the shots I did. It was a very popular den with photographers, and I’m surprised the family took so long to head for safer surroundings.

    I’ll see you at Bethlehem this weekend, and hopefully the rain holds off.

  2. Good luck at the fine art show. Maybe this year Henry Winkler will bring some of his friends and buy a few photos.

    Well it’s probably good that the momma fox moved her babies, but it’s too bad you can no longer see them. You were very fortunate to get some great shots of her litter.

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