This blog entry is my first since the blog hit it’s one year mark on the 26th of this month. It’s been a lot of fun and allowed me to make new friends and stay connected to people I’ve known for a long time. Last year at this time I was also working at a fox den, so here’s another image from this year’s den work.

Since this den is on a slight hill, I was able to work at the kit’s eye-level, or in this case foot-level. These fuzzy balls of energy are great to watch and exhibit so much character. They are a constant challenge to my vision and craftsmanship as well as my use of the latest gear capabilities. April here has been wonderful and I’ll be sorry to see it go. I hope to get back to the foxes soon, but tomorrow I’ll be working tulips (another sign of spring).

Kit Red Fox



3 thoughts on “Padfoot

  1. Stacey – Thanks for dropping by!

    Plum – I know we have coyotes here as well, but I’ve never seen or heard them. I would like to though, even if not as cute as the foxes.

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