I’ve been working at a local fox den for the last couple weeks and have begun to edit and develop the images. These guys are great to watch but a real challenge. While lighting has been managable because the den is in the open, the grass is sometimes annoying and these guys move quickly. I’ve spent enough time now with them to begin to predict locations and activity patterns. More importantly, I’ve begun to bring image ideas with me into the field. While each visit is unpredictable, it does help to have an image in mind and prepare for it should a situation arise.

I’m always looking for expression, so I am enjoying this image that I’ve named “L’il Bugger”. The fly which is just visible at the center top of the picture, was on the fox kit’s head and as it flew off his head I saw the fox begin to look up. The expression on the fox’s face is great, tongue out and its right eye slightly closed as if it’s sizing up it’s little prey. As an aside, I’ve noticed that even a passing commercial plane grabs their attention skyward. I’m working with some long glass which gives me enough distance from the den to not affect behaviors.



7 thoughts on “L’il Bugger

  1. This is a great pose Paul. I went through some struggles over the years to try to get some fox images. It finally happened last year, but I am still envious of the opportunity. I KNOW there are local fox dens in my nearby woods, but the real trick is finding them. Hope you will post more from these encounters – on the other hand – maybe I don’t want to be jealous. 🙂

  2. Hi Paul – couldn’t help but laugh out loud about this funny catch. This is adorable! There is nothing more wonderful than funny animal photos. I sometimes wonder whether they do this extra for us… 😆

  3. Mark – I like foxes, the first art print my wife and I bought is of a fox. The kits do seem to be very expressive. I remember reading of your fox encounter and really liked the image you posted of the one resting on the mound. Thanks for the comments.

    Petra – I’m glad you enjoy this piece. I agree with you that there is something engaging about a wildlife image with character that is human-like. Play is fun to watch whether it’s a human child or a young fox.

  4. I love this photo, Paul. I remember several years ago National Geographic had an issue all about animals at play. It was amazing what they caught on film–different species actually “playing” with each other. That was really the only way to interpret the behavior. I love foxes–beautiful, clever creatures. I agree with Petra…I think sometime they are keenly aware of us and enjoy having a little laugh!

  5. Paul, great shot. I have two dens located here where I live, but there are houses all around so i can’t set up.. Not that they would mind, but more because I don’t think they realize they are there, and if they did, most would kill them.. One den last year as well as this year I have only seen one kit at.. not sure what is up there.. I make gradual drive bys and if they are out i TRY to capture some photos..So far not real productive..Got some ok shots of the parents on one den…No kits yet.. thanks for sharing

  6. Mary Ann – thanks for dropping by, it’s always nice to get feedback from writers.

    Stacey – The more I watched this den, the more interested in their lives I’ve become as well. I’m going to need to find some good reference material.

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