I bought a new pair of shoes today – a pair of Rockports that I will use for outdoor shows. Since I stand for the entire show, I can be on my feet for 12 hours. This makes the comfort factor of any shoes I wear really important. If my feet aren’t happy, my sales could suffer as I become irritable. Actually, just looking uncomfortable can be a turn off to any prospective customer. So I don’t mind putting some money where my feet are. If I find these shoes really work well, I’ll buy another pair. Heck, I have a back up camera, why not shoes?

I use a different shoe outdoors than I do indoors. The outdoor shoes need to be comfortable, but also waterproof. The challenge is in finding a pair that don’t look too hiking boot like. I try to maintain some level of professional dress even in outdoor shows. Sometimes, it’s just impossible. But, if it’s a wet show, or the grass is damp with dew, I need at least a weatherproof shoe.

I have scheduled four outdoor shows in a row starting next month and well, at least the shoe issue is covered. Now, I could really use some new show shirts (with my logo).

I’ve been actively working a fox den about an hour from home. I’ve become rather attached to the little guys and anticipate more visits. I’ll work up some images soon for posting.



One thought on “New Shoes

  1. Very cool on the fox den! We had a gray fox around our house when we first moved here, but he’s since moved on. I regret the encroachment of man on animal habitats, PARTICULARLY when I’m the guilty party.
    Shoes are tremendously important. When I lived in Canada, in Winter I would ensure, very early on, that I had GOOD, WARM, WATERPROOF boots. I’d suffer horribly for months if I didn’t. Didn’t matter how much they cost, just so long as they were warm & waterproof!

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