Colonial YarnOne of the prints that I sell with some frequency is this one entitled Colonial Yarn. It is a fun picture, lots of character and great texture. I composed the image to maximize symmetry and the fun nature of this sheep. The image was made in Colonial Williamsburg, VA where these sheep are raised as part of their rare breeds program.

I am sometimes asked what breed this is and only recently checked the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation website to find out. So if you have asked me before, it is a Leicester Longwool. These were originally a British breed for the colonies, but the Foundation started their herd with sheep from Tasmania.

I have been offering this print only in the 5×7 size (for $32), but will now also make available an 8×10 size (for $45). Both are matted and mounted on 11×14 acid-free board.



3 thoughts on ““Colonial Yarn” is a Rare Breed

  1. Mark – Thanks, and it is all about communication as you know

    Lana – I’m not embarrassed by cute as you can see, and yes, thank you for adding me to your blogroll!

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