1. Allergy pills have become part of my night time routine
  2. Donna (my wife) and I drink coffee on the back deck
  3. I sit on the front step just bacause it’s reminds me of springs gone by
  4. The UPS guy is wearing shorts (I get a lot of packages)
  5. I’ve started preparing for outdoor shows (I’ve got 4 in a row)
  6. I’ve mowed the lawn
  7. Windows are finally open
  8. I listen to 70’s music more (don’t ask)
  9. Hannah (my daughter) wants only to go to Rita’s (water ice)
  10. All I want is to be outdoors with a camera

Wisteria - Williamsburg

This is an image I made in Colonial Williamsburg during our April 2006 visit. The wisteria was growing well and draped nicely over the white-picket fences. I used a shallow depth-of-field to show that there was a large tree in the background.



4 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Know It’s Spring

  1. Coffee on the deck is the big sign of spring for me. I started doing it this year in early March, even when it was 18 degrees out there, just to get a few minutes of air and pretend that it was spring already.

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