My wife Donna and I have been going to Colonial Williamsburg, VA since 1986. We started taking our daughter Hannah there when she was 2 years old. Hannah loves it there, so we have been going during her spring (read Easter) break. This year Easter was quite early so spring was not in full swing in Virginia. But the weather was great and we had a great trip. Temperatures were in the 70’s in the afternoon, and it was bright and sunny.

We walked through the streets, visited gardens, went on a house tour, enjoyed excellent meals (including maybe the finest dinner I’ve ever had out), and took in a museum. I have been photographing within the colonial city for years and have several prints with me at shows. So, each visit is an opportunity for me to create something new.

However, without much real spring growth during this trip, I concentrated on imagery of a different kind. I focused on people and Man in colonial tavernvignettes of colonial life. The first image was made in Shields Tavern were we had lunch. Character actors often will just be engaged in typical behaviors Garden tools against shed - Williamsburgof the period sometimes greeting other actors or visitors like us. The second image is one I made in a favorite garden where I emphasize the repetition of line and simple arrangement. In addition to some great memories, we also brought back two framed prints and a small original watercolor. Next year, Easter is later, maybe we’ll get back to Williamsburg again.



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