The day after a Sugarloaf show is pretty similar to the day after any other show I do. I’m tired and sore, but up at 6:30am to read and have my coffee. Oh yea, and get my daughter out of bed to make sure she gets on the school bus. First thing, if I haven’t already done it the night before, is to process the credit card slips and prepare any checks for deposit.

The day after a show I often take myself out to breakfast at a favorite local diner (you know, where they know your name and they bring the coffee without being asked). Once back home I create a list of pieces sold, update the inventory files and the running totals for each title sold. This allows me to know long term what the most popular pieces are and where they are in the limited edition.

Once I finish the bookkeeping, I can either head to the bank or consider doing some printing to replace what sold. I may also just decide to lay on the couch until dark, but usually not. If I have any orders to ship, that comes first. Turns out that I did have a piece to ship, so I worked on preparing that for UPS. It was the first piece I sold as a result of the show. Someone who had been to the show a couple years ago, contacted me to purchase it.

So that’s it, lots of bookkeeping and maybe a bit of preparation for the next show, but nothing too extreme. After 4 days of setting up and actually working the show, a half day of taking it easier is in order.

The piece I am shipping is shown below. It’s titled Flight Unfurled.

Flight Unfurled - (c) Paul Grecian



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