It’s been two months already since my last show. Next month marks the beginning of a new show year. Check my web site for my anticipated schedule so far. I am expecting to be at shows during some 40 plus days again this year. I know the schedule will be a bit different from last year, but overall it will look very similar.

I do try to make some change every year so that I force myself to try new venues. As the year progresses, I may still add a show or two, especially if the anticipated shows do not all pan out. My first show of the year will be in New Jersey with the Sugarloaf people. This is a large show with quite a few other photographers. It may also represent my only Jersey show this year. Take a look at the link below for all the details.

Sugarloaf in NJ

I’ve attained my Delaware sales licence for 2008 and expect to do at least one show in that state. All the rest then are in Pennsylvania, and only two (in Lancaster and Hawley) will require that I stay over.

I am also going to look at alternate venues such as exhibitions and galleries again this year to see if they may be appropriate avenues for my work. It’s a never ending process to place one’s work in front of as many eyes as possible while being cognizant of which audience may be most receptive to it.



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