Yesterday morning I spent 5 hours working frozen ponds trying to create new images along the theme of ice patterns. It was cold, but very Ice Patterns 1pleasant. My greatest challenge when photographing during winter is focusing as my eyes water easily in the cold. Physically, the kind of macro work I did yesterday is very straining and I am feeling the effects of long periods of squatting and bending over a tripod while standing on ice. I do regular weight training because show set-up and tear-down can be gruelling. However, I’m thinking I need a different routine for macro work, especially now that I’ve discovered this ice theme. Things will not get any better in the spring when flowers begin to bloom. Where is the book – A Photographer’s Guide to Physical Training?

At least I feel there was a gain. I really enjoyed myself working outdoors yesterday and I am happy with the quality and variety of images I made. The more I explore this ice theme, the more I like it. It seems Ice Patterns 2that the fluctuating temperatures around these parts may actually make the ice patterns more interesting and varied. The cycle of thaw and freeze allows me to go back to the same locations and work new ideas and new images. This small group represents a series that has more complex lines than many of the others I made yesterday.

Ice Patterns 3



10 thoughts on “No Pain…….No Gain

  1. I remember days it was so cold the mucous membranes in my nose would start freezing the minute I stepped outside. My eyes would start freezing, too, but blinking helped…at least for a while. Sorry to hear how much you suffer for your art, but keep up the good work, at any rate.

  2. Ice is great theme. But to keep limit your suffering to simple mental anguish, once the tripod location is set, a simple “X frame” folding seat might allow you to sit while peering through the viewfinder. It may not be comfortable, but I’m sure it would beat endless stooping.

  3. These are sweet Paul. Lately everything has been covered with snow here, but we recently had a thaw and now a deep freeze, so I hope to get out this weekend and look for this kind of thing. Not looking forward to the effects on my knees however.

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