This is one of my favorite birds and one that I never get tired of using in an image. I have made images of both the male and female in which the bird itself is a small part of the frame, yet still dominates it for attention. One such image is Fire and Ice, a male cardinal on a snag during a fairly heavy snowfall.

In Fire and Ice I played on the contrast of the red bird and cool colored background that translated to film. The bird is small in the frame and proves how powerful red is, and how emotional. I offer the image as an 6.5″x9.5″ print matted and mounted to 11″x14″. This time of year especially I receive comments that it would make a wonderful Christmas card, and someday, maybe I’ll do that.

It was a pleasant surprise then that I should receive interest in use of the image from a Rabbi in Virginia for the cover of Virginia Jewish Life magazine. They were looking for just such an image for their winter issue. After-all, Virginia does get snow and the cardinal is their state bird. The issue is now out and I think they did a great job combining my image with text.  You can find the cover story here:

Fire and Ice Cover



8 thoughts on “The Cardinal

  1. Congratulations. I’ve never seen a cardinal. It’s one of those things I hope to do before I die. We have stellar jays here instead, blue colored not red.

    Wonderful photo…I love the red against the blue

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