I’ve always felt it best to emphasize the good and positive and to diminish any negative outcomes. I try to find the positive from any show I do, whether it be a nice sale, an especially positive reaction to my work, or making a new connection with someone.

At North Penn’s Holiday Show yesterday, I was able to find a lot of positives. The patrons were enthusiastic and appreciative of the work they saw. I would however like to try to focus on one particular positive after each show as a regular post-show blog entry.

For the North Penn show yesterday, I think the thing that I want to reflect upon most is how many of my customers were making my work gifts for those they cared about. Thinking about the holidays and how a number of people will be opening wrapped presents of a matted or framed print of mine is thrilling (and maybe a bit scary).

I love the idea of art as a gift, and that it be my work is very exciting for me. I hope I hear from a giftee about how they reacted to receiving one of my prints.



3 thoughts on “Nicest Surprise

  1. I agree that it is very rewarding to know that someone not only appreciates the print he/she purchases, but trusts that the ultimate recipient will appreciate it as well. Hope you had a good year.

  2. Giving art can be a pretty risky undertaking unless you know the person real well. Nature photographs however, are probably a safe bet if you simply know the person is a bird or nature lover. Like you Paul, I also think it is nice to hear from the recipients. I got a pic from one recently from a picture that was actually framed and turned into an award. The lady sent me a pic of her receiving it. I thought that was pretty cool.

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