At this time of year, more of the work that I sell is purchased as a gift. After-all, the holidays are soon upon us. Art and fine craft is a great gift for someone cared about, but it may also be a difficult decision. For those that I know well, family members mostly, I can be pretty comfortable with my selection of art or fine craft as a gift. I know the tastes and likes of my close family well enough to make a good choice.

I have been exhibiting and selling my work at fine art and craft shows since 1995 and have seen marvelous works in a large variety of mediums. I have a bit of a weakness for quality original works and have over the years bought from those artists and crafts-persons whose works I could not resist. Art and fine craft as a gift is not a high tech, convenience, or functional type of gift. It is a gift of someones imagination and handwork. And it is personal in a way that an mp3 player or toaster can’t be.

I particularly like the idea of surrounding myself with the works of some of the creative people I have met and with whom I have made friends. Their works are not just objects of beauty and contemplation for me, but reminders of the person who made them. As much as possible, I make my gift-giving selection include these objects of art. It not only makes me feel good to be giving them, I feel good about supporting the work of fine craftsmen, artists and friends.



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