This weekend is the Sugarloaf Craft Festival at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, NJ. I set up my space this morning and will put finishing touches on the booth tomorrow morning before the show begins. The show runs tomorrow , Saturday and Sunday. Information and a discount coupon may be found here –

Set up for these shows is a zoo. We receive assigned times and actually drive into the center. The challenge is in trying not to park on someone’s space and hoping to get back out again after unloading. I’ve done these shows for a while now and have a strategy, but it’s always stressful. Today went well enough and I actually got home in time to mow the lawn.

My space number for this weekend is 704. Centrally located near food and restrooms, very good. I don’t know if this would be considered an omen, but this morning on the way to set up in Somerset, I stopped for coffee and received a 1906 Liberty Head nickel as change. It’s not worth much, but it’s unusual. My daughter likes it anyway.



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