I knew this would be a rough week cause I’m between two long weekend shows. I set up this Thursday at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, NJ for the fall Sugarloaf Festival. This is a very big indoor show that many in these parts attended when also at the Fort Washington Expo Center in Montgomery Co., PA.

So I have three days to prepare for this weekend. In reality, I’m preparing for the weekend following primarily, trying to stay one show ahead. I’ve also been communicating with a couple magazine editors today and preparing packages for shipping from this past weekend’s PA Guild show at Tyler. I’m going to have to let the grass grow another week. It’s multi-tasking to an extreme.

Dialing the XM Radio to Audio Visions keeps me chilled and a well timed mug of joe keeps me moving.

Here’s a peaceful image from work I did last week at Longwood Gardens. A bit of meditation would do me good maybe.

Water Lily, Longwood Gardens - (c) Paul Grecian



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