Hawk Mountain Art Show-Cabela’s 2007

The Hawk Mountain Wildlife Art Show was held at Cabelas in Pennsylvania this past weekend (Sept. 29-30). This was the show’s 10th year and in some respects most unusual. The show consisted of 13 invited artists including myself. This is a show that I have participated in for all 10 years, but only at Cabela’s for the second year.

I don’t know how many people came specifically for the art show in  Deer Country – Cabela’s special room displaying a diorama of deer and many mounted busts with famous antler racks – but I suspect it was very few. Instead we were seen mostly by people who happened to be at Cabela’s this weekend. For some, our artwork on display and sale was a welcome surprise. For others, I’m afraid we were just a hindrance to seeing the deer busts and wall plaques describing the antlers. The picture above shows how the set-up was arranged.

As it turns out, being in this new venue space was not a bad thing. People who may ordinarily not have come to a show were able to see some fine art works. Personally, I met many people that either made a selection from my matted prints or who showed real interest in seeing me at a future event. Cabela’s draws from over a hundred miles away. In addition, many folk who are just passing through the area will stop by for some outdoors merchandise. As a result, I made sales to two different couples heading back to Virginia. These are not people I would likely have seen at any other show I do.

Cabela’s and Hawk Mountain will need to work out what they want to do next year, but whatever they decide, I’ll want to be a part of it.



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