I still can’t think of this word without remembering the Heinz ketchup commercial and the sing-song way the word was used. Anyway, I am preparing for a trip and find myself falling into the same situation I do before every trip to photograph. The anticipation of the thing becomes overwhelming and I expect too much of myself creatively. It actually gets in the way of being creative when the anticipation of being creative is too strong.

I sometimes think I should bring just one lens and just expect to create nothing. Then maybe I could relax and just make images reflexively, intuitively, and relax-edly (yea, I made than one up).

My favorite and usually most productive places to create are the ones I go to often and which are close to home. These are the places I know the best and don’t worry about never getting back to or how difficult it is to get there. These are also places that I can go to and not put pressure on myself to be productive. This is true partly because of the ease of getting there, but also because I would want to go there just to be outdoors. Images I may create there are almost a bonus, I just “sit back” and relax and allow my mind to wrap itself visually around what I see.

If I could only develop that approach to the special, difficult to get to places I go to, who knows what kind of imagery I would make? On the other hand, who knows how the anticipation and fretting positively impact my images as well? Oh well, I think I’m a lost cause!

Crescent Moon - (c) Paul Grecian



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