After having 14 show days in July, I am ready for a re-grouping. While I set my sights on the Poconos Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen show in August, I do have time to prepare. That is 4 weeks away. I will prepare both for it and the not so distant craziness that my October and November schedule will cause. I have a few special orders to complete and then I’ll begin printing for the Poconos show and beyond. I may even slip in time for some new work!

The first Pennsylvania Guild State Show of the year at Chase Center in Wilmington, DE was a success! Interest was high and mostly everyone was pleased. Most definitely pleased were the buyers who came to make special purchases for themselves or others.

Recently, I’ve added a seal to the back of finished matted or framed pieces. This seal is from the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen and available to Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen State Juried SealState Juried members. It represents a statement by the Guild that the artist/craftsman has been determined to create work that is of high quality, originality, and design.



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